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Dr. Gail Cloud St Louis Chiropractor DC

BodyPresencing™ Spa

An Entire Day of Luxuriating in Wholeness & Well-Being:


Do you want to experience more joy, passion, and overall well-being? Are you interested in creating a more engaging lifestyle that brings a sense of wholeness and adventure daily? Then, give yourself or someone you love an entire day luxuriating in wholeness, well-being, and vitality. This full-day spa is designed for those passionate about living life to the fullest and healing the root of the matter. The BodyPresencing™ Spa is not about massages, pedicures, manicures, or other aesthetic measures. This is a day of wholeness designed to reveal old wounds and traumas to regain a true sense of yourself and allow yourself to be who you are in all your glory.


Have you ever wanted a day or two to care for yourself? Do you have issues with your body, your weight, or a chronic health condition and want to learn how to do things differently for yourself? Do you find yourself in an issue that does not seem to move and want to connect with yourself in a new way, which is self-nurturing? Do you want to learn how to nurture yourself deeper, especially now that you might not be nurturing a young family? Then a BodyPresencing™ Spa might be the perfect gift to give yourself.

A Personalized Wellness Retreat:


During this personalized retreat, we retreat to reveal and uncover old traumas and wounds to experience proper health and vitality. The day is designed and customized for your particular needs. During the day (where relevant), you will experience chiropractic and deep tissue work and fill in a lifestyle questionnaire that will enable us to find the diet for life that precisely suits your needs. We will also examine family issues, emphasizing your core issue, and get to the heart of the matter within minutes. We will use core language, Family Constellation work, and BodyPresencing™.


We work together from 10 a.m. until 3:30 p.m., with a 90-minute break for lunch. You can book one, two, or three-day retreats. The retreat fee is $650.00 per day. As a result of the retreat, you will experience more vitality, well-being, and passion. You will learn:


  • How trauma lives in your body and mind

  • The keys that unlock past traumas

  • To break cycles of pain, illness, and dysfunction for yourself and your family

  • To fully understand yourself and your body

  • How the brain functions and how to continue working with yourself

  • To see old events through new (and more compassionate) eyes


A Personalized Astrology Reading:


A personalized Astrology reading can focus on your health, relationships, or your soul's evolution. 


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