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Family Constellations

Having warm, supportive parents early on correlates with success in adulthood. Agent Illustrateur/Ikon Images

A Family Mapping Process:



Family Constellations is a new genogram that enables us to step into the dimensional history of your family and re-code the effects of the trauma on your life and on your health. We explore the hidden dynamics and unintentional loyalties you carry for your family.  It is a revolutionary system of healing whole family systems and making huge shifts in your life.  You gain valuable insights into your life as you learn to make better life decisions for yourself and your children.  Family Constellation work enables you to stop and/or lessen depression and anxiety, regain your health, become involved in healthy relationships, and free yourself from old patterns and destructive behaviors. You feel less anxiety and pain while you achieve greater levels of fulfillment and happiness.

The Constellation Approach, founded by Bert Hellinger, is revolutionary because it deals with the souls of our ancestors and unresolved family issues.  Everyone and everything needs to be remembered.  Family Constellation work focuses on our family members, past, present, and future (whether we know them or not).

Sometimes, we unknowingly carry the burden of our ancestors as though it were ours. We are blindly loyal to a certain family member by taking their pain, illness, or depression as if it were ours. When we become aware of this, we feel relief from our pain, and we can experience joy when we experience sadness. We can experience intimacy in relationships. We can allow ourselves to feel good and to live fully.

Bringing Back The Forgotten:


The solutions to current problems often involve bringing in who was forgotten and making what was unconscious conscious. A new image replaces an old image, and we gain a greater perspective or wider vision of our relationships. In an instant, this new intrinsic image replaces old ones. Compassion enters our hearts.

Suppose you are ready to learn how unconscious loyalties keep you from achieving your heart's desires and how invisible patterns and destructive loyalties can be replaced with clear insights that can profoundly impact happiness, joy, health, and relationships. In that case, Family Constellation work may be for you.

In this work, a participant will choose others from the group to represent certain family members. The representatives then experience feelings and movements in their bodies, which show hidden relationships and dynamics with the family system, and they move. The facilitator attempts to restore love, dignity, and respect between all members of the family, especially those who have been excluded or forgotten because of pain, humiliation, or rejection. As reconciliation is achieved, the family's strength and love can flow in a new way.




BodyPresencing™ Constellations:

BodyPresencing™ Constellation work uses similar principles as those in family constellations. I use those principles in the context of your body rather than your family, which allows me to unlock the emotions that have become “embodied” within your body.

Often, we carry old pains and traumas in our bodies; these may be from our own life choices or connected to our ancestral past. As I work to uncover the wounds, we often discover these wounds have ties to the past. As we align the body, we also work to align the soul to these events and the people involved.

As a Chiropractic Physician, I also use BodyPresencing™ Constellations to work with physical symptoms like back pain, headaches, shoulder pain and injury, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, and more. I do this because I have found symptoms like allergies, food sensitivities, and low immune functions often have ties to our relationships with our mothers. It is essential to address this core relationship for healing energies to be released and health to be restored to body and soul.

Astrology Sessions


Join me in an Astrology session. One session can help you see what you have been given in life, how you can use what you have been given in new ways that bring out the best in you and help you get unstuck, and how to work with your gifts and challenges. 


Join me for an Astrology reading and see how it can help you live your life in the best way possible. Gain permission to be you and to love you and see the dynamics holding you back and ones that can help to set you free. Learn how to be yourself, accept all parts of you, and even love you. 

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