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Body Presencing™ Astrology

Bring joy, acceptance and kindness to you!


Learn about oneself, learn to see yourself with gentler and kind eyes, learn and realize your purpose and potential, and help yourself to reconcile and even heal long term as well as acute issues and problems; emotional, physical or spiritual.


Health Astrology

Partner Astrology

Family Astrology: for parents and their children






Understanding your Charts and Your Evolving Self's Next Class is December 2nd!

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Astrology is a science; astrology sessions are an art.

Combination Astrology and Family Constellation Sessions:

These sessions combine the work of Family Constellations with the genetic blueprint as seen through the natal chart of each individual. Looking at one’s issues and challenges through these lenses give great insight, understanding and acceptance of oneself and one’s fate, as well as one’s parents and heritage. Learning to see us differently, with gentleness, compassion, and kindness helps us also to see our families with gentler eyes. Read more about the constellation work here


Combination Astrology and Chiropractic or Health-Related Sessions:

These sessions integrate what we learn about ourselves and our genetic health tendencies and possibilities with chiropractic sessions where the body is aligned as necessary, meditation or visualization techniques are used as needed, and health suggestions are utilized as seen through the needs of the birth or natal chart, what is going on in one’s life at the present time, and in the near future. Dietary suggestions are made as well as nutritional guidance, allergy testing, and other health-related interventions are utilized. Read more about health astrology sessions here


Gail Cloud, D.C. Originator and Founder of BodyPresencing™: a system of working with the whole person combining chiropractic techniques, family constellation principles, meditation and visualization techniques, and energy medicine to aid healing and development of one’s soul to live whole, healthy, and vital lives. Dr. Cloud has been a practicing chiropractic physician since 1988, graduating from Logan College of Chiropractic in December 1988. In 1997 she began the study and practice of Family Constellations as founded by Bert Hellinger, training with Mark Wolynn, Suzi Tucker, and Bert Hellinger. She integrated the work into her chiropractic work as she believes our bodies are an integral way to understand the deep workings of one’s unconscious and one’s true self. She acts as a facilitator to understand the language the body is speaking and helps to re-align one’s body with one’s mind, spirit, and soul. She has trained with Debra Silverman and is certified by Debra Silverman as one of her astrologers, and also trained with Judith Hill, and is training with Demetra Georgev and Steven Forrest to further her study and understanding of the science and art of astrology. She interweaves the power and understanding astrology gives us into her work in a unique way that integrates one’s understanding of oneself, and the dynamics of, and the voices of those we carry inside of us through our lineage and our family of birth. She gives a unique approach to the therapeutic process and to the ways in which astrology can be used to help us to accept ourselves, to understand ourselves and our purpose, and help us to grow and heal as individuals.



"I am truly amazed and grateful for Dr. Gail Cloud's Body Presencing Astrological reading! The session assisted me is seeing patterns, understanding areas of weakness and, most importantly, building on my strengths.  At the time, I was at a crossroads with my career and the information facilitated a transition to a more authentic position. Dr. Cloud's breadth of knowledge adds to the depth and pertinence of this incredibly helpful session.  It met and exceeded all of my expectations!  Thank you, Dr. Cloud!"

-Kim Trager

"Gail provided an excellent chart with analysis. You provide the usual time and place of birth and Gail creates a very detailed chart .  She gave me the chart and a recorded phone call going over every detail.   It was incredibly accurate!  I love that I can go back and listen as time goes by.  It left me feeling acknowledged and justified. After having so many unexplained incidents in my life I felt like I understood myself like I never had before. The analysis provides information on your moon sign, birth star, ascendant sign and transits. I highly recommend having this done." 

-Kimberly Keller-Johnson 

"When I had my Astrology reading with Dr. Cloud a few months ago it was even more amazing then I thought it would be. I have minimal knowledge and understanding of Astrology but Dr. Cloud had a clear and easy to understand reading to share with me. This was a very life affirming experience. I would highly recommend a session with Dr. Cloud for anyone interested in Astrology, looking for life confirmations, and seeking to understand balance in life."

-Jessica Appel, Elements of Wellness

Astrology and Your Evolving Self Workshop

A Wedding of Astrology and Family Constellations

Join me for a one day workshop where we look at and examine your own personal chart in the context of your evolving self through understanding the nodes of the moon in your chart. This is an insightful way to understand your past lives, your early present life, and your ancestral inheritance and the wounds you were born into this life. It will assist you to gain a deep compassion for yourself as well as to see what gets in your own way to be the best version of you possible. As you become conscious of what gets in your way you then can see the remedy or remedies so what you see becomes a reality.

You will learn:

  • What your north and south node of the moon is and its significance in your chart 

  • New tools to work with yourself 

  • A greater understanding of you, where you come from, and what you were born into for your growth 

  • A new perspective with which to see yourself and your history 

  • A new ability to step into creating a new story for yourself 

  • A greater appreciation of yourself and why you are here 


COST: $100.00 per person

WHEN: Sunday, February 17, 2019 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
WHERE: 1561 N. Warson Rd., St. Louis, MO 63132).

RSVP ASAP: or 314-995-9755

A $25.00 registration fee is required to hold your place.

There will be a 90 minute lunch break (please bring your own lunch) and there will be snacks provided for you. I will need your birth time, date, and place before the workshop.

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A Morning of Meditation, Tea, and Astrology

Join me for a morning of meditation, tea, and an astrology topic that is relevant to you personally and to all of us globally. This event will meet on Saturday, August 24th, from 9:00 a.m. until noon. ​​

Enjoy meditating in a serene environment with like-minded people, doing a guided meditation followed by tea and light discussion. The astrology topic will be about how the planets of Jupiter and Saturn show up in your chart individually, what you can understand more about yourself through these strong outer planets influence on you, and then looking at what is to come in the next two years with these planets transiting in the sign of Capricorn, and how these planetary movements may also touch you. No need to have any prior meditation or astrology experience.  Come, enjoy the morning, and learn a little bit about yourself for your personal growth. 

WHERE: 51 Graeler, Dr., St. Louis, MO. 63146. There is a walkway on the side of our house (we have a red garage door). Follow the pathway to the back of the house and enter into the doorway. Please remove your shoes upon entering the facility.

WHEN: Saturday, August 24th from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.. This event will meet quarterly with a new topic to explore! 

COST: $50.00 per person. Pay in full through PayPal or you can pay online here. Please call 314-995-9755 or email to reserve your space.

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