Body Presencing™ is a life-giving innovation within the healing arts that combines multiple practices and therapies into an elegant and integral healing model that engages and heals the body, mind, heart, and soul on three planes: past, present and future.

I want to make it available to as many people as possible, so I have designed multiple pathways (chiropractic, astrology, family constellations and more) that all lead to the experience of vitality, passion, and health that I call Body Presencing™.
Personal, Intimate, and Customized:


Healing and wholeness begins with the individual.  As Ghandi advised, if we want to change the world we should first become the change the world needs.  These events are designed with the individual in mind:



Collaborative, Dynamic, and Structured:

The future is birthed when like minds and passions come together in a synergistic context. Just as ‘many hands make for light work’ many minds make for a higher intelligence that comes through as collective wisdom. These events are designed with dynamic groups in mind:




Telephone: 314-995-9755

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