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Dr. Gail Cloud St Louis Chiropractor DC


Mentoring is a unique and personal way of passing on knowledge and wisdom.  Most of the mentoring I do is one on one; though it is possible to mentor in very small groups.  Mentoring includes one on one sessions, monthly calls, and email contact.  It is important for some of the mentoring to be done in person, though much can be done distally. 


Sessions: The frequency of sessions is customized for the client

Duration: Each session is 90 to 120 minutes

Fee: Sessions range from $150 - $200.00


If you have a specific area in which you would like to study with me, please contact me directly to talk about the possibilities.  Some of the mentoring topics include:





I am passionate about my healing craft and mentoring therapists, healers, doctors, and somatic practitioners. Those who long to catalyze, inspire, and empower others to embody lives of wholeness, passion and vitality inspire me! In ‘Healing the Effects of Trauma on the Body’ I work with the effects of trauma in how it shows up in the body. This also means working with how the use of language and body language reveal trauma.  The arch of an eyebrow, the lifting of a shoulder, and the tucking of the chin all mean something. I look at how people sit and what happens physically when someone begins talking about something in particular.  Do they cry or do they shift in their seat; do they pull a foot up underneath them?  It all means something.  Healing the effects of trauma on the body means working with idiosyncratic language as well as chronic pain and illness issues. We must look at what the pain or illness gives to or takes away from the individual. The healing result is being able to weave the language, the body signals, and symptoms together in a way that helps a person understand themselves better. This requires a strong and felt connection with both past and future generations.

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