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Dr. Gail Cloud St Louis Chiropractor DC

BodyPresencing™ Partner Astrology

Partner Astrology:


Just as each one of us has a unique blueprint that we were born with, each couple has a distinct flavor of what brings them together, the karma involved with each other, what is complementary to each other, and what is and may be challenging with each other. A partner session looks at each individual in a snapshot of their dynamics, their possible challenges, and the places where they help each other grow and actuate as individuals. If you are looking at a possible marriage or the possibility of moving in together, or if you are having relationship difficulties, a session would help you to understand each other better and see where you help each other, where you push each other’s buttons and gives insight into how you can helpfully work with each other.

Debra Silverman • Elements of Wellness


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30-minute Session Full Payment - $75.00


60-minute Session Full Payment - $150.00

90-minute Session Full Payment - $200.00


Please send a non-refundable $50.00 check to hold your place if you'd rather pay the full amount the day of your session. Please contact me for my mailing address.

Partner Astrology Session


"I am truly amazed and grateful for Dr. Gail Cloud's Body Presencing Astrological reading! The session assisted me is seeing patterns, understanding areas of weakness and, most importantly, building on my strengths.  At the time, I was at a crossroads with my career and the information facilitated a transition to a more authentic position. Dr. Cloud's breadth of knowledge adds to the depth and pertinence of this incredibly helpful session.  It met and exceeded all of my expectations!  Thank you, Dr. Cloud!"

-Kim Trager

"Gail provided an excellent chart with analysis. You provide the usual time and place of birth and Gail creates a very detailed chart .  She gave me the chart and a recorded phone call going over every detail.   It was incredibly accurate!  I love that I can go back and listen as time goes by.  It left me feeling acknowledged and justified. After having so many unexplained incidents in my life I felt like I understood myself like I never had before. The analysis provides information on your moon sign, birth star, ascendant sign and transits. I highly recommend having this done." 

-Kimberly Keller-Johnson 

"When I had my Astrology reading with Dr. Cloud a few months ago it was even more amazing then I thought it would be. I have minimal knowledge and understanding of Astrology but Dr. Cloud had a clear and easy to understand reading to share with me. This was a very life affirming experience. I would highly recommend a session with Dr. Cloud for anyone interested in Astrology, looking for life confirmations, and seeking to understand balance in life."

-Jessica Appel, Elements of Wellness

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