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Dr. Gail Cloud St Louis Chiropractor DC


​My classes are designed for groups of 8-12. Each class has a designated curriculum and assignments. The classes are typically presented over a 4-8 week time frame. Each BodyPresencing™ class is 8-12 hours and meets once a week for 2 hours. Astrology classes are different, and details are specified in the class description.

Astrology Class: Understanding your Chart and Your Evolving Self


They can be taken as stand-alone classes or together. If taken as stand-alone, please gain permission from the instructor first. In these classes, we will explore the language and world of astrology through the signs and symbols that characterize our lives on an ancestral, psychological, and evolving level.

In the first class, we will learn the astrological language of the signs, planets, and houses. We will look at them from a symbolic perspective and then bring them down to the personal. We will choose a name from a hat to examine one person's symbols.


In the second class, we will weave the importance of the elements and the sun, moon, and ascendant in looking at the psychological tools in our lives. We will also introduce our charts' main aspects, geometric configurations, and what they mean to us. Again, we will choose a name from a hat to look at their chart more deeply.


In the third class, we will review what we have learned and talk about the importance of Saturn and Saturn's returns in our lives, as well as look at the planet Pluto in more depth as these are the planets that show our deep wounds and how they show up for us in our lives, as well as how to work with them. As always, we will choose a name from a hat to look at how Saturn and Pluto play out in their lives with more depth.


In the fourth class, we will introduce the concept of the moon's nodes and how they help us to understand ourselves from an evolving perspective. We will also begin to look at the transiting planets as they continue moving and rotating around the earth and what aspects they might be making for us with our personal symbols and lives. We will tie this together with the elements within our natal charts. Again, we will finish the day by pulling a name from a hat to look at their chart and transiting planets more specifically.


At the end of these four classes, you will:

  • Make sense of the symbols in your astrological chart

  • Will be able to look at your chart and those of friends and family and be able to understand and accept yourself and them on a higher level 

  • Be able to find more balance in yourself and your life by balancing your inherent elemental distribution

  • Have a greater understanding of your deep-moving wounds and how to work with them so they work for you and become your greatest healer, ultimately

  • Have a greater understanding of what your life purpose is

  • See different aspects of your own life in the present time and how you might be affected by and helped through the knowledge of the transiting planets and how they touch you personally

  • Have a greater sense of what you are stretching to do in this life and how your soul can continue to grow and thrive


The cost is $100 per class or $375 if paid in full—by check or through PayPal. A non-refundable registration fee of $25.00 to hold your place is required.

Contact Gail Cloud at, 314-995-9755 to sign up and for any further questions. I will need your birthday, time, and place for your opportunity to be in the hat.

NOTE: There are no current classes scheduled. If you are interested in learning, please contact me directly, as I am offering one-on-one mentoring sessions for learning Astrology.

BodyPresencing™ Virtual Meditation Class/Session

As seasons change and a pall of uncertainty and unrest becomes more palpable, join me virtually on Saturdays for meditation classes and gain the energy and power of meditating with a group of like-minded people.

There has never been a better time to make the space inside us for healing, rest, regeneration, and renewal. Please join other like-minded souls on this weekly meditation journey with me. 

  • Learn how to quiet your mind or to follow the threads of your mind to learn more about how your mind works.

  • Find and/or gain the power of visualization, which can be experienced through other senses, not just your eyes. Here, you can see things through your mind’s eye and not your visual eyes. Some people hear things, some people see images or colors, some people feel things, and some people taste these images. 

  • Learn how you, in your unique way, “see.” 

  • Engage your quiet senses through the music and sounds surrounding you as they heighten your meditative experience.

  • Gain a greater appreciation of you and a greater understanding of you.

  • Feel the energy that can be gained through the community of others meditating with you.

  • Enlarge your focus and imagination to include others, be they your family, community, city, country, and world. 

  • Leave with a greater sense of peace and even joy.

WHERE: Zoom in anywhere you are.

LINK: The Zoom link and passcode will be given to you upon payment.

COST: $15.00 per person. You can reserve a space online here (second option from the bottom), by emailing, or by calling 314-995-9755.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Meditation for Self Growth - COMING SOON

I use meditation as a tool to know myself better. Our bodies often carry many messages for us, and meditation is a great way to access them. Meditating first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day. Find a comfortable space, begin breathing easily, and let your breath flow through your nose. Let your breath flow into your body, and notice where it is easy and where it may be more difficult or blocked. As you notice that area, consciously breathe into it. It may be a part of you that has a message for you or needs your attention in some way. Open yourself to what that message may be. Is there a spiritual, physical, or symbolic message leading you to see something in you that you had been unaware of? Just take a few minutes and listen with all your senses. When you understand what is happening in that area, thank it for speaking with you, and open yourself to full body awareness. Move into another realm without words, the realm of your imagination. Tune into your breath again, see if it feels any different, and welcome yourself back to the present. Consciously breathe a couple more times and then open your eyes. 

These classes are designed to stand alone or for weekly or biweekly classes. Learn:

  • How to quiet your mind

  • To engage all your senses in your meditation 

  • Experience guided meditation and visualization 

  • To open your mind to all possibilities 

  • To rid yourself of internal blockages 

  • To know yourself better by engaging your inner guidance 

We finish the meditation experience with 15 minutes of open sharing. Enjoy the power of a group yet individual meditation.

COST: $20.00 per individual class or purchase 5 for the price of $75.00. Cash or check is accepted at the door, or you can pay online here.

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