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Body Presencing™ Testimonials


 "What a wonderful course you offered.  Such an opening for all of us in the class for hope, insight on so many levels and taught so gently with kindness and compassion for our souls. I'm grateful for the offering and that I showed up for it!"

~Vivienne Topping

"What happened for David and me on Saturday was one of the most meaningful and profound experiences in the history of our relationship.  We are so grateful.  Your work is truly life changing."



"This was my first experience in a natural way to heal the mind, body and spirit. I knew that I was on the right path the first time I met her.  We started with the physical issues as she used her expertise of chiropractic abilities to start to align my body and muscle testing to change my diet and a supplement regimen... Her faceted abilities have led me down a path that has been my lifesaver. Her intuitive Spiritual Connection, Dowsing and Family Constellation - to name a few - are amazing.  I don't know where I would be at this point in time if I had never met her and I am beyond grateful that I did!  My sincere gratitude to my doctor, mentor, teacher and friend, to you I am eternally grateful!"



"My favorite part was the last 45 minutes (of course!!!).  I liked how you seamlessly interspersed teaching within the constellation, very skillfully… The constellation seemed to work out beautifully … I am sure the young lady will appreciate that 45-minute period of time for countless years to come. Masterly. Smooth. Confident. Agile.  I liked it very much."





"You are so good you are putting yourself out of business.  About 20 min after I left your office the swelling was gone... still stiff... but definitely well on my way.  So, I will not come next week.  Every time I come see you I am reminded what an incredible talent you have."





"I have had many great sessions with Dr. Gail Cloud, but my most recent has changed my life in many aspects.   I recently decided to change my diet to lose weight and get healthy so she food allergy tested me to see what foods didn’t agree with my body.  I tested negatively for corn, yeast, white potato’s and sugar.  I also needed to stay off of dairy and vinegar for 2 weeks due to Candida in my body.  I knew this was going to be a huge change but I was determined to do this for my health.

I have been AMAZED at the changes in my body in just 2 weeks.  I stayed true to the food restrictions and I have had more energy than I can remember since having my children and gaining all of my weight.  It has been really hard for me to even think about having to exercise because I have had no energy to do it.  I now not only have enough energy to exercise on my own but I also feel like I can keep up with my kids and actually get all of the things done in a day I want to accomplish without feeling exhausted.   I have also lost 7.2 lbs in just 14 days.

I can’t say enough about what this has done for me in such a short time.   I know I still have a long road ahead but thanks to Dr. Gail Cloud I know that I am on the fast track to not only losing all of my weight but finally being healthy again.   I truly challenge anyone wanting to get healthy to have the food allergy testing done.  It really is amazing the changes you will see from excluding the foods from your diet that don’t agree with your body. Thank you will never be enough!!!!!"





"My experience working with Dr. Gail Cloud has been life changing!!  Her "magical, healing light force" combined with the gift of facilitating individuals out of their intellect and into the overflowing energy of our own hearts is truly a transforming experience.  I have tried many therapies for anxiety, guilt and depression and nothing has had such a powerful impact.  I have been blessed with a renewed understanding and love of my parents and the best part is, I trust my children will not have to carry the unnecessary burdens of the past. If you are ready to break free from unconscious patterns and have the courage to live from the heart and dive into your deepest longings, I strongly urge you to call Dr. Cloud."



"I've never met Gail Cloud but I'd recommend her to anybody and here is why. One morning we were scheduled to have a phone call and I missed it. The night before my knee was in a sudden excruciating pain and caused distress for me the entire night. When I called her back and explained why I missed her call, Gail started asking me questions about my pain; I described where my pain was and what it felt like. Gail only asked me a few questions before she knew what was wrong and how to fix it. She told me the root of the problem, how it came to be and how to fix it. I'm thankful for her advice and knowledge. She's never met but she told me what I needed to do to go from not being able to walk on my knee, to walking in 36 hours. When you read on her website that Gail has spent over 20 years studying and listening to the human body and heals the root of the matter both emotionally and physically, you should believe her. After working with her, I can say that she is compassionate about her clients. Her slogan is 100% accurate because Gail truly does care about healing the root of the matter. If she can help me over the phone, I can't imagine what she could do in person."


"Thank you for a great treatment today.  I was prepared for a "traditional" chiropractic visit and experienced a unique combination of techniques.  I appreciate your holistic approach and look forward to not only future treatment but also learning more about your healing process.  Your Family Constellation Therapy has been the final tool for me to integrate change.   The healing process of recognizing emotional triggers, bringing those unresolved, un-talked about family conflicts to the surface and the gentle push towards having those "difficult conversations" has proven to work for me."


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