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Dr. Gail Cloud St Louis Chiropractor DC

Audio Subscriptions

Listening and Connecting from the Heart:


We know about genetics in the tangible terms of our hair color, eye color, height, etc.  Yet we aren’t used to thinking about genetics in terms of what we inherit emotionally and behaviorally. In my audio subscription series, I create audios that are designed specifically for you and the life dreams, challenges, and goals you are facing, especially as they relate to your family of origin.


A Customized Monthly Audio Subscription:


Your subscription includes a 15-20 minute monthly audio, along with a 20-minute monthly consultation with me.  Our 20-minute consultation allows me to get a sense of who you are, what your definition of wholeness and well-being is, as well as what you are longing to bring into your life.  We also look at what you may want less of in your life; less depression, anxiety, fear, or physical pain.

During our consultations, I get a sense of how you want to give birth to future dreams and become more passionate about your life.  I also get a sense of where your obstacles and challenges are coming from, what happened in your own family system, who was forgotten and what was excluded, the family secrets, and what you may be carrying from your personal and familial experiences.

As part of your subscription, each month you will participate in the 20-minute private consultation with me and I will follow up by creating your customized audio that you can listen to via computer and/or download.  Your unique audio will consist of meditations, thoughts, visualizations, and stories designed to help you unravel entanglements, break destructive patterns, see a bigger picture, and create a vibrant future for yourself, your partnerships, and your family.  Your audio content will be designed to help you get unstuck and to inspire you to live the fullest life possible. 


To subscribe to the audio series or to sign up for one audio, visit Gail’s eStore .

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