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Dr. Gail Cloud St Louis Chiropractor DC

Elderly Services

Nurturing and Revitalizing the Elderly:

The wisdom of every culture has been held in the open hands of its Elders. For thousands of years, elders have been revered, sat on wisdom councils, and stewarded the collective knowledge of their time.

Something has shifted in our modern culture here in the United States. Often, our elderly are not respected and given places of honor in our families and communities. Their wisdom is forgotten. Sadly, they are shut away from the generations who need their presence and wisdom. Their experiences and the collective wisdom of a lifetime are forgotten not only by younger generations but also by the elders themselves.

I am passionate about working with the elderly on multiple levels. I help them remember who they are. I listen to their stories. I work with their bodies to help them not forget that health and living a vital life are available at any age. As they feel better physically and are listened to and respected, their sense of worth, value, and being loved increases exponentially.


Family Constellations, BodyPresencing™, & Chiropractic for the Elderly:


I inspire and empower elderly people to claim their place in their families, community, and society. One of the ways I do this is through physical bodywork and chiropractic techniques. Being touched and having their muscles worked with is soothing, helpful, and empowering to them. As they feel better physically, they often become open to more active roles in their families and society. 

Through BodyPresencing™, Chiropractic techniques, listening to the language of their body and words, and Family Constellation work I help the elderly make peace with their lives on three levels: past, present, and future.

A Sense of Purpose and Belonging:

The elderly need, just as we all do, to have a sense of purpose and belonging. Our understanding of purpose changes as we age. With each passing decade, we as individuals in society re-evaluate our purpose. We need to look at what has changed, where we are going, what we can do, and how we can do it. These are all critical questions that arise.


I help the elderly remember who they are, find a purpose and value that meets their place in society and the world, feel better physically, and help make their life’s wisdom accessible to them and others. I specialize in helping the elderly re-conceptualize their life purpose and develop a sense of belonging regardless of their living circumstances and health conditions.



Customized Elderly Services:

My services can be customized for this unique and precious life stage. Please visit my Services page and read about BodyPresencing™, Family Constellation Therapy, and Chiropractic services. If you are an elder and long to make this phase of life all that it can be physically, emotionally, and relationally, contact me for a free phone consultation.

Based on conversations with community leaders across the US, many aging adults must know the available care options and programs to help maintain their independence and quality of life. Caring created a free resource that provides comprehensive information on financial support and care options available in St. Louis, Missouri. You can read more here.

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