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Dr. Gail Cloud St Louis Chiropractor DC

About Dr. Gail Cloud, DC

Welcome to the benefits of Body Presencing™: Healing the Root of the Matter. I want to be vital and alive until the day someone lays me in the grave.  I think everyone does. That is why I became a chiropractor over twenty years ago.  I love life and I am passionate about anything that relates to wholeness and well-being.

As a chiropractor, I specialize in an eclectic blend of healing techniques in which I listen to the voice of my patient’s body as a healing guide instead of listening to my own voice.  I act as an interpreter so my patients can listen to, understand and integrate what their bodies are saying to them so they can live more whole, healthy and vital lives. Then they are able to interact with the world in a way that contributes to us living in peace, and with joy and prosperity. The “doctor” doesn’t always know best.  It is amazing what the body wants to share with us and how wise it is!  That is why I view my relationship with clients as a partnership.  Together we can make something happen that otherwise wouldn’t. As a facilitator in the Family Constellation work and family systems work, and as a life coach, I assist my clients towards knowing who they are and being who they are in the world, always connected to their families and their communities, and yet separate from them so they can live lives of wholeness and vitality and contribute to the world living in peace, joy, and prosperity.

In addition to holding a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Logan College, over the years, I have been privileged to study with some exceptional and innovative folks.  Bert Hellinger, Mark Wolynn and Suzi Tucker (among others in the field of Family Constellations) have greatly enhanced my understanding of how our family of origin impacts our wholeness and well-being.  Their work has greatly expanded the scope of my healing practice. I continued advanced training with Mark Wolynn and studies his model of Inherited Family Trauma work and attachment theory.  I am also certified in astrology by Debra Silverman, have studied Medical astrology and evolutionary astrology with Steven Forrest. 

Prior to becoming a chiropractor, I was a professional modern dancer and athlete.  My passion for being in my body and feeling fit, whole, and healthy is what fuels my work with my clients.  I’m pleased to say I am over sixty years old and I am training for my 4th Degree Black Belt in Karate;  so don’t tell me you’re too old or it’s too late or I wouldn’t understand.  Whether it is learning to dance the Argentine Tango or practicing karate with your grandkids, life after fifty is just getting good!

I tell you this because working with (and being in) my body is something I live on a daily basis.  I know my body and I’ve spent over twenty years listening to bodies speak; I know how the body responds, how it heals, and how it longs to thrive! In my journey as a healer, I’ve come to understand our bodies are not separate from our minds and spirits.  In fact, our 
body is reflection of our mind and only by being truly present to our bodies can we heal the root of the matter.

Like a mighty Oak or an elegant Weeping Willow, we are meant to reach upward toward the light all the days of our lives.

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