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Dr. Gail Cloud St Louis Chiropractor DC

My Passions & Principles

My healing practice inspires people to be who they are, to listen to their inner knowing, act on it, and thereby live authentic and healthy lives.  I am passionate about inspiring, educating, and mentoring people who want to learn how to create vibrant health, live passionately and experience whole and loving family dynamics.

As a healer, I am committed to some core beliefs and principles that I seek to embody – both personally and professionally. 

I believe the following principles are integral to working with, not just a patient with a symptom, but the whole person in body, mind, spirit and soul:



Hope: Hope is that spacious place of knowing that all will ultimately be well and that we can be exactly who we are and express exactly what we feel.  Hope is what assures us that health and wholeness are possible no matter what we have experienced in the past.


Inner Knowing / Inner Strength: We all have a still small whisper that seeks to guide us in how to experience maximum health and wellbeing. Inner knowing is the ability to hear and listen to that voice.  Inner strength is the ability to act on what our inner knowing tells us, even in the face of fear or doubt about the outcomes or consequences.


Aliveness & Vitality: We all know what it is to feel good.  I believe we should feel this way more often in our lives.  Feeling fully alive and living a vital life are the natural outcomes of true health and are our human birthright.


Gestalt: Gestalt is what I call the “OH Factor.”  Gestalt is that unexpected moment in which things suddenly connect for us in ways that liberate and heal us – seemingly without effort on our part.  We suddenly understand and are simply set free and healed.  My healing approach fosters the conditions in which we can experience those ‘OH Factor’ moments that liberate and heal.


Connection: Connection is the ability to honor, listen to, and integrate the whole self – heart, mind, body, spirit, and soul.  Disease is most often a symptom of disconnection from one or more of these.  Connection is what allows us to simultaneously ground in our authentic selves, our genetic gifts, and the psycho-spiritual legacy of our ancestors; as well as all of life.  


Inspiration: Inspiration is the breath of life that wakes us from the living dead. It is the act of offering information – be it in word, story, image, or movement – in such a way that people conceive a new idea or engage a creative act that transforms everything.  Inspiration is the fuel that ignites us and in its presence, we are suddenly free to be who we are and to do what we must do.


Clarity: Clarity is the moment the fog lifts and we see something in a clear (and oftentimes new) light.  Life is more accurately and acutely defined; we see things in a higher resolution.  Clarity is the new context that gives us a new reference point.  The new context and reference point transform everything: who we are, what we bring, where we are going, and what we carry with us for the journey.

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