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About Dr. Nikki Nienhaus, DC

As long as I have been a practicing Chiropractic physician, I have flown solo. There is a season for everything, and I have found a lovely young woman who will be working in my office. You might see her around. Her name is Dr. Nikki Nienhaus. She is sharing my office and building her practice. At the same time, she is available to see you when I am too busy to see you in a timely fashion and, of course, when I am on vacation, so as you might need more continued care, your care doesn’t have to be interrupted.

She has a unique style of working, knows a lot about nutrition and nutritional testing for each person’s needs, and is also mentoring me so she can provide continued care like mine.

It feels good to have someone interested in learning and quick to learn, who also provides a service I don’t, who is right in my office, and who can serve as a backup for me when necessary. 

I am anticipating a good working relationship that enriches my life, yours, and hers. When I can’t see you, she will be available, and I trust you will get good care for your needs. 

More about Dr. Nikki Nienhaus:

Dr. Nikki graduated from Logan University with her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2016. While in school, she studied acupuncture and received training in the Webster technique. Dr. Nikki continues to look, learning everything she can about reproduction and pregnancy, to offer her patients the best care possible throughout their entire reproductive journey - before, during, and after pregnancy, and as your family grows.  

Dr. Nikki is a Saint Louis native, as is her husband. They have an adorable daughter and two cats. Dr. Nikki enjoys reading, doing Pilates, and spending time with family and friends during her free time.

TCM Hormone Balancing - Balanced hormones mean a more balanced YOU!

We live in a world that is constantly stressing our minds and bodies, and it is no wonder that more and more women are suffering from issues related to hormone imbalance. Now more than ever, women are tired, sick, anxious, depressed, overweight, struggling to get pregnant, struggling to carry a pregnancy to term, starting menopause early, and suffering from symptoms longer. We rely on caffeine to get us through the day until we drink wine to help us fall asleep. We stay on hormonal birth control for decades. We take medications and supplements, always looking for the easy fix to our problems. This program isn't an easy fix, but it is a solution. Looking at the body from the Eastern medicine perspective, we balance the body's energies using food as medicine. This 3-month program includes nutrition, lifestyle, acupressure, and herbs to help you get balanced and feel GOOD in your body again. Whether your goal is to resolve infertility, handle menopause with grace, or stop feeling so sick and tired all of the time, this program has you covered. Learn more here.

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