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Dr. Gail Cloud St Louis Chiropractor DC


My sessions are designed to stand alone or can be presented as a series. Sessions are typically one-on-one, though I can design them to accommodate groups. Sessions do not have a specific curriculum, allowing me to design and customize the content according to who I am working with and the specific topic. Each session is typically 60-90 minutes in length.

• Lifestyle Changes

In this session, I evaluate your current lifestyle and its effects on you. I suggest slight changes (or, at times, a significant change or alteration) in diet and nutrition. I identify food sensitivities and the types of exercise most beneficial. I also evaluate your current exercise program and its effects on your body.


• Eating Healthy

In this session, I identify what healthy eating means specifically for you. Once we identify that, I show you what to shop for, how to stock your pantry, how to cook and bake your food correctly, and what recipes are ideal for your eating style. 

• Nurturing Yourself

Self-nurturing is often the most challenging thing for anyone to do. In this session, we identify practical ways to love yourself and how to bring your passions to life and incorporate them into your daily lifestyle.

• Family Constellations

These sessions are based on the work of Bert Hellinger and Family Constellations. During these sessions, we look at your family system, parents, and the entire family with new eyes. This new perspective enables a gentler, more understanding view of one's family and past choices. This allows new belief systems and possibilities to emerge in your life.

• BodyPresencing™ Constellations

In these sessions, I incorporate family systems concepts into bodywork. As we identify and work with a particular physical issue, we also look together at what the body is saying, where the issue comes from, for whom you may be ill or in pain, and where the love flows. BodyPresencing™ Constellations help you understand how your bigger life picture impacts your body. This enables us to work together towards more excellent health and well-being.

• Chiropractic

My chiropractic approach is based on somatic wisdom, intuition, and an integral and holistic understanding of what creates proper health. "Just" adjusting feels like factory work to me. I spend more time with my patients to help them connect their feelings, emotions, thoughts, and body issues with their past, present, and future. In my chiropractic sessions, I utilize an eclectic mix of techniques blended with energetic uses of the senses to regain the re-alignment of the muscles and integral body structures, enabling healing.


• Astrology

Astrology is a practical application of astrology where the primary focus is to see what we have been given in life, our life's blueprint, our strengths and weaknesses, and our challenges. It shows us ways to accept who we are and work with who we are so we can grow, learn, and become whole, vital people. It looks at aspects of what makes us who we are so we can learn how to accept ourselves, our families, and our possibilities, and blends them with understanding our life's experiences so we can break the patterns that have held us back for us, for our families, and our future.

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