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Body Presencing

Dr. Gail Cloud St Louis Chiropractor DC

Body Presencing™ is a unique combination of chiropractic, family and body constellation therapies, core language and preverbal development work, and other disciplines such as massage therapy, physical therapy, art therapy, energy clearing, and somatic wisdom gained from over 30 years of practice. Body Presencing™ heals the root of the matter by directly addressing health issues and chronic pain as they relate to our family of origin and to the lifestyle choices that have grown out of that family of origin.  More specifically:












Body Presencing™ is an innovative model that combines the healing arts of Chiropractic, Family Constellations, Energy Clearing, and other body-centered techniques (such as massage and physical therapy) to help break and change cycles of pain, illness, and fatigue.  The end result is greater aliveness and well-being on every level of being and in all of your relationships.

Body Presencing™ is a vehicle to help you understand your family and how it has impacted you physically, emotionally, and relationally. Pain, dysfunction, and injury are evaluated from this larger perspective, allowing me to identify how it impacts you on a practical and daily basis.

Body Presencing™ is a way of connecting with and to your whole self: your body, mind, spirit and soul.  It is the ability to communicate with your body as you experience life events.  Body Presencing™ unlocks past traumas (even those that are echoes of the generations past) while also giving expression to preverbal trauma which is usually held within the body.​

Body Presencing™ is based in the belief your body is your mind.  It is an innovative combination of multiple healing modalities with a twist of intuition and years of somatic wisdom mixed in to create an integral healing approach you won’t find anywhere else.

Body Presencing™ is an innovative healing approach inspired and informed by multiple modalities such as Family Constellations and the work of Bert Hellinger as well as Core Language and the work of Mark Wolynn. As a healing practitioner, I owe a special debt of gratitude to the Preverbal Development Work of Roy Mendelsohn, my father. Body Presencing is an innovative synthesis of these modalities which I then combine with chiropractic expertise, energy healing, and ancient somatic wisdom.

Core Language Work:  Benefits include getting to the heart of the matter within minutes while simultaneously showing the connection between language and trauma.  Understanding this connection helps you to see how the relationship with your parents impacts your life and echoes across the generations.  The result is an understanding of what the core issue is while also gaining a self-perception free of shame, guilt, or blame.

Preverbal Development Work:  The benefits include an understanding of how trauma affects the developing baby and how the connection between parents’ feelings and the surroundings of the baby are interrelated.  It reveals the impact of preverbal trauma when one has no words while also illuminating a path to wholeness and well-being.  This absolves one of the shame, guilt, and blame while also rechanneling misplaced anxiety away from the body.

Mediation Classes: Come and learn not only how to meditate but have the experience of meditating with many minds and souls at once and experience the power of many together. Join us in this quiet, empowering and lightening meditative hour. Open yourself to the quiet and peaceful environment conducive to letting go of the thoughts of the day. Experience guided meditation and visualization. Have the opportunity to share your experience with others. Bring the power of your unconscious mind to the forefront. Experience the ease of opening your mind and letting in more of what is possible. Learn more.

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