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Dr Gail Cloud St Louis Chiropractor Case Studies

Case Studies

Chiropractic Case Study:


A middle-aged woman came to see me complaining of fibromyalgia type pains.  The areas that bothered her the most were her left hip and her right shoulder.  At the time she was teaching school and found the schedule very demanding for her.  She was quite sensitive to touch and I found her also very sensitive to foods and to her surroundings; including the people around her.

She has trouble speaking up and taking care of her own needs and focuses much of her time and energy on her family and friends and those around her.  She is also the caretaker of a teenage son with difficulties.  Her husband supports the family and yet doesn’t understand her needs and her difficulties.  She constantly feels pulled.

I discovered these things about her within the first couple of visits through asking questions as I worked with her body.  Even as I do Chiropractic techniques, I am aware of the whole person in front of me and how their issues in their lives impact their bodies.

I worked with her over a series of months; usually a weekly visit.  I use eclectic techniques and I used a light touch to moderate her pained areas.  She would speak of her pain as we worked and as she became aware of what she was reacting to and their effects on her body, I would do muscle release techniques, light spinal adjustments, acupuncture, and acupressure; her muscles would ease and her pains would decrease.

As we worked together we discovered she was sensitive to many different foods.  The foods she was most sensitive to were the ones she craved the most.  I had her greatly decrease her sugar intake, her alcohol, her dairy (including eggs), and wheat.  She wasn’t so much gluten intolerant as she was wheat intolerant.  We also found out that she ate more wheat and dairy than she realized.  She became more and more interested in being active in her own healing and her food choices as she realized how much better she felt when she did restrict these foods.

After a few months, she was much better and excited about taking responsibility for her health.  She began to research recipes, different foods and their preparations, and the direct correlation between what she “takes in” through food, the people around her, and through her feelings.  She lost about 25 pounds and felt much better in most aspects of her life.




Body Presencing Case Study:

A married, middle-aged woman came to see me with weight issues and a sense of being “weighted down” on other levels.  She had difficulty putting one foot in front of the other.  She also experiences chronic neck pain and sacral discomfort.


I had her think about the different issues going on in her life, one at a time, and through muscle testing, was able to see which issue and thought pattern was affecting her body.  We then began working with her body as I asked her questions about her issue.  What we found was that there were several parts of her which were talking to her and yet she would only listen to one of those voices.  She let that voice dictate what and how she did things.  This part of her was a four-year-old girl who felt alone and afraid.  This girl was happy sitting and doing nothing; no risk. As we discussed allowing the other voices and aspects of herself to come into play (rather than allowing her little girl self-take the others hostage) her body began to open up and allow deeper muscle work.

The Body Presencing opened her to see what was going on in her life when she was around three or four years old and to the issues between her and her mother.  She felt alone and isolated as a little girl and through our work together she realized that she recreated part of this feeling in her marriage and her life.

As she was talking about this and making this discovery, her neck became locked up and very rigid.  I told her what was happening in her neck and that the neck is where she automatically or reflexively locks up when this old feeling occurs.  This enabled her to become aware that when her neck begins to feel locked without movement it is this old feeling of aloneness and isolation that triggers it.  This process also helped her to see that in an attempt to stay close to her deceased mother she had created a similar marriage to her mother’s.

I then asked her what she likes about her mother.  She gave me three things that she likes about her. Meanwhile, I am working on her neck and back and it is relaxing.  I asked her to remember those three things and when she feels herself falling into her old pattern, to remember that she can stay close to her mother in a more positive and helpful way and that she can have a choice now as to how she holds her close to her heart. I then successfully adjusted her neck.  As she was leaving I asked how she was feeling and she told me she felt lighter.

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