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BodyPresencing™ Healing the Root of the Matter embodies my entire life work and is the culmination of decades of healing arts practice. The YouTube videos on this page reflect some of that developmental process throughout the years.


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Healing the Root of the Matter

This video helps you to connect your thoughts and language to your body.  The overall intention is to help you know your body, understand it's language, and to deepen your understanding of how your thoughts and body are interconnected.  Tune into who you are while you learn how to untangle the traumas that have been locked inside your body.  A detailed case study helps illuminate the lessons presented.

Who hasn’t experienced “imperfect love” and lived to tell the tale?  In this video we explore the “consequences of survival” after having experienced imperfect love.  When this happens when we are little children we sometimes have to take in some poison with our mother's milk of love.  Later in life this can show up in our bodies in the form of fibromyalgia, allergies, and much more.  There is a way to break and change this unconscious pattern.  You can live a happy, healthy, and vital life as you learn to alchemize the poison and create a healthier elixir.

In one instant of recognition, a new intrinsic image of one’s family members can replace an old one; thereby allowing healing to occur instantaneously and at the cellular level.  This video explores the powerful and transformative model of behavioral genetics that was developed by Bert Hellinger in his revolutionary work with systemic healing and The Constellation Approach.

Come with me for the rest of our journey through the fascinating worlds of Behavioral Genetics and Family Constellations Therapy.  Warning: Life as you have known it can change in an instant as you shift negative beliefs, heal old patterns and disengage from limiting behaviors.

Why haven’t most folks heard of Family Constellation Work?  Who is doing this work here in the United States?  This video explores the answers to these questions and how Family Constellations modality has migrated to the United States of America and its power to transform our educational and health systems.

Body Constellations is the phrase I once used to describe what has now become Body Presencing.  It uses similar principles as those in family constellations, but I use it as I work with clients’ bodies.  It is a way of unlocking emotions from our bodies and removing the obstacles that prevent us from experiencing lives of passion, health, and vitality.

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