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What's New With Body Presencing™?

Being able to be present to ourselves and our bodies is a learnable skill.

Eight Weeks to Practice and Work on How to Achieve this Skill.


I will be offering an 8-week class which can also be taken virtually. I call this class BodyPresencing™.  Through this 8-week process, we will learn exercises that take us into our bodies through guided meditations and visualizations. We will learn how to reconnect with parts of ourselves we have lost contact with over the years because of old traumas and wounds. When we are wounded, we often have to leave that wounded part of ourselves behind for us to survive and to feel a belonging to those we need for our very survival. To heal, it becomes important to gain access to the parts we had to segregate and separate from. 

This class can be taken virtually and will be recorded.
So if you can not attend at the time of the class, you can watch and learn at your leisure in your time frame. 

We will also learn more in-depth about old coping mechanisms, how our young brains develop, and how our old ways of thinking, which supported us at those times, no longer support us. We will learn how to see old family patterns and beliefs, how we unconsciously bring those patterns to life in our daily lives, and how to break those old patterns. When we break those old patterns, sometimes even by inheritance, we allow greater freedom for ourselves and help to break those old patterns for our future and our children's future.

We will learn exercises we can do both in class and at home to gain new experiences and anchor those into our lives.  

This class is called Body Presencing™, and after the 8-week class, I will give you a certificate of completion. 


This class is for you if you:

  1. Are you a lay person and want to learn for yourself and your self-growth

  2. Are you a counselor or a coach and want to learn for yourself and also learn new tools and skills to share with others

  3. Are you a therapist and want to learn new tools as well as a different perspective or lens through which to see your clients and patients

  4. Are a personal trainer or massage therapist and want to develop a greater understanding of how the body and mind work together and gain a greater sense of the body as a storehouse of our unconscious  


The BodyPresencing™ class is designed in two-hour segments and is on Wednesdays from 10:00 am CST until noon. We will begin on Wednesday, September 7th, and go through Wednesday, October 26th. 


After this 8-week class, you will leave feeling:

  • More integrated within yourself with young parts of yourself in contact with each other

  • A greater sense of personal freedom

  • A better understanding of yourself and your triggers

  • An ability to work with yourself in new ways and relief at knowing ways you can ease your fears and tensions even held in your body

  • A sense of breathing easier 

  • A sense of relief even in parts of your body that previously has held a lot of constriction and unease


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