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What's New With Body Presencing™?

Astrology & Tarot Sessions


Dr. Nikki Nienhaus and I are offering new, special, one-of-a-kind sessions that marry Astrology and Tarot to create a unique window into issues that haunt us. These sessions provide us with guidance and tools for resolving them.



This marriage of Astrology and Tarot allows paths to open inside us that lead to insights, peace, and healing.


What drives these sessions is a strong desire to understand what haunts us and what keeps us from making choices and decisions that could lead us toward new stories and the life we want to live.

You will find this incredibly helpful if you want insight or clarity into issues of:

  • Job or Career

  • Life’s purpose

  • Where and how to move forward

  • Relationships of all kinds

  • Health events/crisis

  • Greater understanding of self and your motivations

  • Fears of failure

  • Life’s transitions; what do we do in the meantime

You will gain the ability to work through issues that have plagued you and become:

  • More hopeful

  • See new paths unfold before you which were not available to you before

  • Feel more in control of your lives

  • The ability to break old cycles and create new conscious ones

  • New perspective on old issues

  • Understand yourself and others more fully

Cost: $150 for an individual session. If you purchase a series of 3 or more, the cost is $125 per session, a savings of $25 per session. Sessions run 75 minutes and can be done in person or virtually through Zoom.

Payable through Paypal, Venmo, or check. Call or email Dr. Nikki or myself to schedule your sessions. If payments are not received 24 hours before your session, the session will be canceled.

Dr Gail Cloud, 314-995-9755

(p) • (v) Gail-Cloud-3 • (c) 1561 N. Wason Rd. St Louis, MO. 63132

Dr Nikki Nenhaus, 636-448-3244

(p) • (v) Nikki-Nienhaus


Gail Cloud, D.C. Chiropractic Physician since 1988. Certified in Astrology by Debra Silverman, Kira Sutherland in Medical Astrology, and Steven Forrest in Evolutionary Astrology. Certified and trained by Mark Wolynn in Inherited Family Trauma work. Dr Cloud looks at the whole person and assists them to be present to themselves and others, in listening to what their bodies are telling them as bodies do not lie, and in integrating their parts into a whole.

Dr Nikki has been reading tarot professionally for just over two years. She uses the tarot to find guidance and healing in her work in her personal life, and offers the same to her clients. Dr Nikki is also a practicing medium, using the tarot to help the living connect with their loved ones on the other side.

You are just an email or phone call away from your first groundbreaking session!

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