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Dr. Gail Cloud St Louis Chiropractor DC

Media Page

Welcome to a more personal connection with Body Presencing™ and with me as a chiropractor and healer.  Not everyone connects through the written word, so I have included some multi-media links that explore my work from different perspectives.



Body Presencing™ Wisdom is a weekly audio that inspires, encourages, and guides us in living a healthy, vital, and passionate life on multiple levels of body, mind, heart, and soul. Tune in for a weekly dose of wholeness and well-being. Click here.


In my YouTube Videos you will find a mixture of case studies, practical suggestions, and ideas, as well as more information about my work in chiropractic, family constellations, and Body Presencing™. Click here.


Interview with Kimberly Schneider of Conscious Manifesting: In this interview I explore Family Constellations and the question of “who is actually running our lives” with Kimberly Schneider.  This interview is a wonderful introduction to my work with Family Constellations.


Interview with Katy Hutchison: I had the good fortune to be able to interview Katy Hutchison. Hers is a first hand account and example of how including, engaging, and allowing a perpetrator another chance can change everyone’s life. Thirteen years ago, Katy Hutchison was a happy young wife and mother. Then, on New Year’s Eve 1997, the course of her life changed forever when her husband was brutally murdered. In this candid interview, Katy shares the poignant story of her journey to justice and wholeness. It is an incredible, thought-provoking story of unimaginable loss and triumph against the odds.


Kristen White, Author of Mystic in a Mini Van: Audio Testimonial


Relationships 101 hosted by Dr. Beth Erickson: I had the honor of being interviewed by Dr. Beth Erickson, a relationship coach, and therapist, about the effects of preverbal trauma on the developing child and subsequent issues that can develop. In this interview I talk about what happens to the developing baby in the womb and how aware the baby is to everything that is going on around him/her as well as the child’s connection with the mother.


Healing Old Patterns for Good: Development coach and therapist, Kimberly Schneider, introduces me doing a meditative exercise that is designed and developed to help you to see your stories through different eyes which allows new pictures to develop.  This allows you to change and heal the patterns that no longer serve you.


Body Presencing™ Quiz: I developed this short quiz so you can see how connected or disconnected you are from your body.  When you answer the questions as honestly as you can, what follows is a little touch of insight into what your body symptoms might be telling you.  It gives you a little insight into where you are right now and where you would like to go so you can live a more vital life.

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