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Dr. Gail Cloud St Louis Chiropractor DC


My workshops are designed specifically for groups. The curriculum is customized for each group, typically occurring over one or two days (or more if requested). Each workshop is focused on a specific topic with mixed learning modalities that include lecture, group interaction, independent reflection, meditation, visualization, and interactive exercises. Most of my workshops focus on catalyzing inspiring outcomes for the body, mind, spirit, and soul by looking at the effects of trauma on the body and how trauma may have created illness and chronic pain. My workshops help you:


• Inspire New Connections  that enable you to honor and integrate your whole self: body, mind, spirit, and soul

• Re-root Without Blame  by creating a new understanding of your past and what it is trying to tell you

• Fully and Completely Express Your Life and Love  by letting go of anything limiting in your past (be it images, words, stories, or beliefs) and by engaging a new and more vibrant self-perception (including your family perception)

Current Workshop Offerings Include:

I am available for workshops and can customize them for your particular group, interests, and needs. Please contact me for more information. 

Meditation and A Peek At the Stars

The Stars in Your Life - Your Ancestors

As we peek at the stars above and the stars and planets in our own natal or birth charts, it is also a window into our relationship with our ancestors and how we relate to them. As we are born into this present life, we are born into a similar situation that we experienced in a past life or that our ancestors may have experienced as a way to complete what was unfinished or even to heal what needed to be healed so that we can become the best of who we are. The relationships or dynamics depicted in our charts with the planets are symbols of the dynamics within us and those in our present lives. 

We can look at someone's chart and get a sense, for example, that this particular person had parents who were in discord and even divorced. We can also look at a chart and get an idea of parts of that person that never got to be expressed or felt defined by and confined by their parents and/or issues in their early lives. 

On the other hand, we can also look at a chart and see the direction they are moving and the types of understanding and awareness that can and will assist them in expressing their complete and authentic selves. Much of this also gives the person who is the chart we are looking at an opportunity to be and do what their ancestors might not have been able to. As healing and time are not linear, on an energetic level, we have greater understandings, and as we move more towards health, our pasts and the energy carried by our ancestors also get a chance to move towards health. What was not said or done and not looked at can be looked at in the present so that the energy of the whole system changes.

Looking at the stars gives us these insights as we understand the symbols and look at the stars in our own lives as people do. Come and join me in understanding your stars by looking at them. We will begin with a meditation, a ritual, and then have an opportunity to look at our stars.


If you are interested in this, please e-mail

Astrology and Your Evolving Self Workshop

A Wedding of Astrology and Family Constellations

Join me for a one-day workshop where we examine your own personal chart in the context of your evolving self through understanding the moon's nodes in your chart. This is an insightful way to understand your past lives, your early present life, your ancestral inheritance, and the wounds you were born into this life. It will assist you to gain a deep compassion for yourself and see what gets in your way to be the best version of yourself possible. As you become conscious of what gets in your way, you can see the remedies, so what you see becomes a reality.

You will learn:

  • What your north and south node of the moon is and its significance in your chart 

  • New tools to work with yourself 

  • A greater understanding of you, where you come from, and what you were born into for your growth 

  • A new perspective with which to see yourself and your history 

  • A new ability to step into creating a new story for yourself 

  • A greater appreciation of yourself and why you are here


If you are interested in this, please e-mail

Do You Want to Address the Root of the Matter?

Experience the Power of BodyPresencing™

Two Days of Treatments, Learning, and Lectures



Experience the Power of BodyPresencing™
Experience BodyPresencing™ is a two-day workshop that combines Bert Hellinger's Family Constellation work and the healing modality called BodyPresencing™ founded by Gail Cloud, D.C.
This Workshop Is For You If You:


  • Have chronic health issues that require an integrated healing modality to resolve and/or gain insight and understanding

  • Want to experience BodyPresencing™ as a treatment modality

  • Are you experiencing (or in recovery from) an abusive relationship with one or both of your parents

  • Are you a Health Care Professional who is interested in this healing modality


During this two-day workshop, we will get to the root of the matter by blending Family Constellation work with the BodyPresencing™ healing modality. We will engage the material through interactive lectures, one-on-one sessions, small group interaction, and large group exercises designed to help us heal our lives on three planes (past, present, and future) and in four dimensions (heart, mind, body, and soul).

Benefits & Results

  • Reclaim physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health as your birthright

  • Explore your hidden family dynamics

  • Identify the unintentional loyalties you carry for your family

  • Begin living your purpose rather than living from the past

  • Gain a new perspective about who and what has shaped your life to date

  • Move from anger and resentment to acceptance and forgiveness

  • Heal from and/or lessen depression and anxiety

  • Become involved in healthy relationships

  • Free yourself from old patterns and destructive behaviors

  • Feel more connected to yourself and others

  • Feel less anxiety and pain

  • Achieve greater levels of fulfillment and happiness

  • Create a life of wholeness and vitality

  • Heal your relationship with the past

Registration: To Be Announced 
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