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Dr. Gail Cloud St Louis Chiropractor DC


More Than an Adjustment:


When people hear the word Chiropractic, they think of someone cracking or manipulating the spine and other joints. They think of a more conventional healing and body approach based on the nervous and muscular-skeletal systems. This is a more rigid healing model than what I use. My chiropractic approach is based on somatic wisdom, intuition, and an integral and holistic understanding of what creates true health. “Just” adjusting feels like factory work to me. I spend more time with my patients to help them connect their feelings, emotions, thoughts, and body issues with their past, present, and future. As a chiropractor, I work with you to listen and hear what you, the patient, are saying, what you are not saying, and what your body is saying. I help you connect visions, imagery, and bodily sensations with your conscious (and sometimes unconscious) health issues. Together, we listen to what is happening in your body and what it is trying to communicate to you.

Things You Can Do at Home:


I also teach you things you can do at home to continue the healing journey through stretching, exercises, dance, and lifestyle changes. I utilize an eclectic mix of techniques blended with energetic uses of the senses to regain the re-alignment of the muscles and integral body structures that enable healing. This approach allows you to give expression to your true self, and it increases your awareness about:

  • Life Choices

  • Your Level of Integrated Consciousness

  • The Level of Aliveness in Your Relationships

  • Manipulating and Channeling Energy

  • Being in Alignment (with your authentic self)

  • Creating a New Vision for Your Life

  • Using Guided Imagery to Create New Dimensions of Possibilities

  • Giving Voice (to issues previously expressed only through sensations)



Listening To Your Body:

As a chiropractic physician, my primary focus is listening to my patients. To do this, I utilize many techniques:


  • I visualize your body in health and its present physical and energetic form.

  • I hold onto the image of your systems in health as I work with your body.

  • I simultaneously listen to your body’s voice (which could be in an authentic voice) as I hear words and emotions emanating from specific body areas and directions as to what techniques to employ to help facilitate your body towards health.

  • I utilize many muscle-balancing techniques, such as muscles and connective tissue, fascia, ligaments, and tendons connected to bones. I check to see what direction the muscles and connective tissue need to bring relief, as I have you move your body parts in designated directions to assist the healing.

  • I use acupressure techniques, cranial fascia techniques, Nimmo and muscle testing, and foot reflexology, as I also recommend various herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathy, etc., to assist the healing process.

  • I recommend and demonstrate exercises, stretching, and different body techniques to rebuild the body, including a three-dimensional body movement to re-educate body areas towards reconnection and strengthening.

  • I assist with lifestyle changes regarding food and diets and check for food allergies while using techniques such as TBM to desensitize you to allergic or sensitive foods.


Chiropractic and Meditation

I am adding a new session available to schedule in 45 or 60-minute increments. This session is a blending of Chiropractic and Meditation, and I call it ( surprise) a Chiropractic and Meditation Session. Having stilled our minds and finding our center through meditation allows us to feel calm and access our still, small inner voice.

Doing a 20 or 30-minute guided meditation allows us to be more in our bodies and present to ourselves. Chiropractic becomes more effective and enables us to hear the body's voice.

In it, you can:

  1. learn to calm and still your mind

  2. find a sense of inner grace

  3. feel more compassion for yourself

  4. develop a greater understanding of you and your body

  5. lower your blood pressure

  6. learn to be present to yourself

Schedule a session and find out how calming and effective it can be! Please call 314-995-9755 or email to book a session.

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