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Dr. Gail Cloud St Louis Chiropractor DC

BodyPresencing™ Weight Loss

The Secret Keys to Unlocking Weight Loss, Health, & Wholeness:


Eight Weeks to Experiencing a Healthier and More Passionate Life


If someone asked if you would like to be in your twenties again, you would say no. However, if you could be your age and feel like you are in your twenties or thirties again, you would say yes!


  • Feel Younger and Healthier than You Have in Years

  • Become More Vital and Energized

  • Lose Weight and Get Fit

  • Sage Rather than Age

  • Experience More Passionate and Meaningful Relationships

  • Leap Over Fears and Obstacles in a Single-Bound

  • Change Family Dynamics that Hold You Back from Living an Authentic Life

  • Revel in and Experience a Greater Connection to Your Body

Eight Weeks to Health, Wholeness, and Vitality:


In this eight-week program, you will lose the extra weight, eliminate the aches and pains that have added up over the years, and learn to create a healthy, wholeness, and vitality lifestyle. During these eight weeks, you will:


  • Lose weight (even those stubborn extra inches around your waist)

  • Determine the best eating style for your body type

  • Increase your metabolic rate

  • Identify hidden food allergies that limit your vitality and energy

  • Eliminate those nagging aches and pains

  • Balance your body

  • Tune into the hidden thoughts that affect your body and overall health

  • Align your emotions and thoughts in order to re-create your body image

Weekly Sessions:

The program entails two weekly sessions. Each session is one hour.  During this time you will assimilate, integrate, and apply all that you learned. 

Week One: We will do a full chiropractic assessment and measure your body. You will fill out a family history form (health and trauma history), and we will do some Chiropractic alignment and bodywork. I will introduce you to the T-Zone for Fitness, bone remineralization, and metabolism.

Week Two: You will take a quiz to determine your body’s metabolic type and one to determine your body’s systemic weaknesses. I will supplement the testing with suggestions to augment your health. We will do some Chiropractic adjustments and body work and continue to work on the T-Zone for Fitness and vibration health technology.

Week Three:  We will do needless allergy testing through kinesiology to determine hidden food allergies. You will also learn that the chakra body centers your body’s weak areas and what they say about you. We will do more Chiropractic treatment and body work and continue our work with T-Zone Fitness.

Week Four:  We will develop your personalized diet for lifestyle eating. You will also begin a food and thought diary. We will continue our T-Zone Fitness therapy, Chiropractic adjustments, and body work.

Week Five:  We will work on refining your diet and supplements and retesting food allergies to see any changes and needed refinements. We will analyze your thoughts and diet diary as well as look at your family health and trauma history. From that, we can determine the belief systems adversely affecting your health and become conscious of them. We will continue with Chiropractic alignment and bodywork.

Week Six:  We will continue to look at the hidden belief systems and dynamics in your family that affect your health. We will evaluate what and how to change those beliefs so that you can live your own life. We will continue with Chiropractic adjustments, bodywork, and T-Zone Fitness therapy, focusing on weak body areas and how to strengthen them.

Week Seven:  We will add to and refine your lifestyle diet and look at recipes to keep your diet interesting. We will recheck food sensitivities and desensitize the foods you are still allergic to. We will continue Chiropractic, bodywork, and T-Zone therapy and learn short breathing meditation techniques.

Week Eight:  We will do a full chiropractic assessment and retake your body measurements. We will identify and discuss the issues you are still struggling with and find a strategy to deal with them. You will learn new self-talk to replace the old self-talk. We will discuss the best ways to continue your Chiropractic alignment and bodywork. We will assemble a diet strategy that works with your lifestyle and will be easy to maintain. We will learn more short breathing and imagery meditation techniques to anchor you in all you have learned and become in these eight weeks.

Fees & Registration:

The cost of this customized program is $1,600.00. Contact me for more information at or call me at 314-995-9755. 

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