Healing Outcomes

While Body Presencing™ looks at the effects of trauma on the body and how trauma may have created illness and chronic pain, it focuses on and catalyzes inspiring outcomes for the body, the mind, the spirit, and the soul.  As a healing modality Body Presencing™:

Inspires New Connections:

• Between “what was” and “what is” to “what could be”
• Between your body sensations and what your body is trying to tell you about your life
• Between parts of yourself that you didn’t understand or have access to
• That enables you to honor and integrate your whole self; body, mind, spirit, and soul

​Re-roots Without Blame:
• By creating a new understanding of your past and what it is trying to tell you
• By respecting (and re-seeing) your parents and family history
• By coming closer to your family of origin to find the correct distance
• By letting go of the guilt and ceasing to take or see things personally
• By examining hope and possibility where formerly there was pain, fear, and limitations

​Empowers You to Fully and Completely Express Your Life and Love:
• By nurturing self-love and self-acceptance
• By letting go of anything limiting in your past (be it images, words, stories, or beliefs)
• By engaging a new and more vibrant self-perception (including your family perception)
• By listening to and following your inner knowing and the still small whisper

​Enables Your Spirit to Soar:
• Through a sense of being fully alive – which means fully feeling your feelings
• Through experiencing unexpected moments of liberation and healing
• Through an almost effortless connection to life, your dreams, and your loved ones

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