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Family Constellations Workshop: TBA


This workshop is designed as a two-day introduction to the Family Constellations Theory and my work with clients. If you are curious about Family Constellation work and want to experience it without any strings attached, this workshop is perfect.

We begin the workshop at 10:00 a.m. and end at 5:00 p.m. The flow of the workshop goes something like this:


  • Introduction to Family Constellations: The Theory and its History

  • What Makes Family Constellation Therapy Unique from Other Modalities

  • Benefits & Outcomes of Family Constellation Therapy

  • The Role of the Group in Family Constellations

  • Family Constellations Facilitation

  • Questions & Answers

  • Conclusion



Everyone Gets a Turn:


This workshop is designed so that everyone who attends gets the opportunity to experience a personal family constellation and participate in the family constellations of others in the group.



The Constellation Experience:


At the beginning, I will explain how the group works together, the role of family representatives, and how they show (by their actions) the dynamic of the family member they are chosen to represent. These are often hidden dynamics that the family member was unaware of before the constellation

The “client” then identifies a particular issue in which he or she feels stuck and cannot change on his or her own. These issues can vary greatly, from chronic illness, depression, anxiety, failed relationships or businesses, fear of success, or constant failure. Almost any “issue” falls within the territory of prime family constellations. 

An important thing to remember in Family Constellations Therapy is that everyone in the family belongs (in a particular order) whether they are currently alive or not; whether someone left the family, is a black sheep, is impossible to have a relationship with, or was given up for adoption or aborted. When someone is forgotten or exiled, a cascading number of events occur, which cause family members to be confused and not know their place in the family. As a result, children often carry their parents’ issues as their own without realizing it. This is called carrying “blind loyalties.”

Members of the group then each represent a member of the “client’s” family, and I facilitate the movements and the interaction of all pertinent family members. This intuitive process taps into hidden family dynamics and is at the heart and core of Family Constellation Therapy.

Invariably, the Family Constellation process leads to a gestalt moment, a sudden insight, or an A-Ha that makes sense of old and painful issues in an entirely new way. A Family Constellations experience creates new images and perspectives that empower the client to spontaneously shift his or her life and the story they have been telling about their life. The new internal images that emerge from Family Constellation work enable clients to create new and more powerful life interpretations for themselves and future generations.


The Gift of A Workshop:


By the end of our workshop together, you will feel a sense of relief, will have gained a new understanding of your family and how it relates to your presenting issue and will be able to breathe more deeply as you feel the pieces finally come together in a way you never thought possible. If you would like to give yourself the gift of an afternoon that has the potential to change your life, then contact me for a schedule of these upcoming events.



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