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Family Secrets: The Key to Health, Wholeness & Vitality:

A Family Constellation Workshop to Create the Business & Life of Your Dreams

The television program" Who Do You Think You Are" shows the links between generations. Clients often need to be made aware of connections between the successes and the obstacles in their lives and the events in their family systems. Recognition of these connections sets the stage for a profound shift from surviving to thriving.

​Benefits of Family Constellation Therapy

Archive greater clarity about your family of origin and how it impacts your personal and professional success
• Gain resources that enable you to love your family more fully and with less effort
• Feel less alone and more connected than ever before
• Become more expensive, alive, and authentic in every area of your life

Signs of a Hidden Pattern

• No matter what you try, you hit the same brick wall, professionally and/or personally
• You find yourself repeating the same relationship mistakes over and over and cannot figure out why
• It always seems as if you sabotage your efforts at work or in the relationship you are in
• You feel sad, angry, or fearful and do not understand where this emotion comes from
• You find yourself repeating the negative patterns of your mother and/or father
• You are chronically sick, panicked, tired, or exhausted, yet you are told repeatedly by doctors that nothing is wrong
• You feel empty or undeserving of success or love
• You are always taking care of everyone else at the expense of your happiness or health
• You find it difficult to sleep or focus and have tried everything
• You are a returning veteran, and you are struggling to fit back into civilian life


Hidden Patterns Exist at Work Too

The same unconscious patterns in our personal lives often affect our professional interactions.

Signs of Hidden Patterns Occurring in Work

You struggle with peers or your boss from job to job

​​• As a woman, you are always #2 and never #1, no matter how hard you work at it

• You want to lead, but you feel anxiety when in a leadership role

• You always seem to be at odds or in conflict with the same sex at work

• You tend to land in the middle of political drama

• You never seem to find the right job; you drift from job to job, looking for a place where you fit in

What You Will Learn in this Workshop

• The transformative truth that "it is all about you; it is not about you; it is all about you."
​​• Who your words and actions belong to and originate with
• How to use your family system as a springboard rather than a ceiling


​​What You Will Gain from this Workshop

• An Expanded Sense of What is Possible in Your Personal and Professional Lives
​​• Personal and Professional Clarity and Direction
• Practical and Valuable Resources to Help You Live the Life and Build the Business of Your Dreams

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