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Welcome to The BodyPresencing's E-Store


Gail Cloud’s BodyPresencing™ and Constellations products, programs, and services are purchased here. If you have any questions or want additional details about any of the information on this page, please contact Gail Cloud at 314-995-9755 or  gail@bodypresencing.comFinancial Situations are considered individually to qualify for sliding scale rates. Please contact me individually to discuss this.


Pass the Peas, Please (Meditation Book) - $5.99
E-Mail Dr. Cloud at after purchase for the password to download.
30-Minute Astrology Session - $75
60-Minute Astrology Session - $150
90-Minute Astrology Session - $200
Astrology and Your Evolving Self Workshop (1 Full Day)
$100 per person. Please send a non-refundable $25 check to hold your place if you'd rather pay the full amount the day of your session. E-mail for my mailing address.
BodyPresencing™ Meditation Class - $18
BodyPresencing™ Chiropractic and Meditation (45-min) - $90
BodyPresencing™ Chiropractic and Meditation (60-min) - $125
Meditation - Single Class - $20
Meditation - Group of 4 Classes - $60
Meditation for Growth - Single Class & Group of 5 Classes - COMING SOON
Chiropractic Healing (30-minute Session) - $70
Chiropractic Healing (60-minute Session) - $125
Family Constellations BodyPresencing™: Individual Session (Full Payment) - $150
Family Constellations BodyPresencing™: Six+ Sessions (Full Payment) - $510
Future sessions beyond the 6 is $70 per session. E-mail to book.
Listening and Connection From the Heart - Audio Subscription
6-month Audio Subscription - $47 per month - Reoccurring Billing
Listening and Connection From the Heart - 1 month - $47
1-Month Audio - One Time Charge
Mini Relationship Astrology Workshop - $50
An exploratory look at us in relationships
Saturday Virtual Meditation Session (45-minute) - $15
Saturday Virtual Meditation & Astrology Session (45-minute) - $20
Session 1 of Astrology & Tarot - $40
What does it mean when someone says, what is your sun sign in astrology? What stand-alone...exactly is your sun sign? We will talk about the highlights and lowlights of each sign. We will introduce the tarot card or cards that embody the essence of each sun sign. The purpose is to learn skills to work with your whole self.​
Session 2 of Astrology & Tarot - $40
We explore the elements involved in both astrology and tarot, our innate strengths and weaknesses, and how to find balance within the four elements: water, air, fire, and earth.
Session 3 of Astrology & Tarot - $40
What planet is associated with each sun sign, what does that mean, and what does that look like? Through tarot and astrology, we will learn archetypes to work with those planetary entities and what their energies might mean for you.
Session 4 of Astrology & Tarot - $40
We learn what the houses mean in astrology, what they teach us about ourselves, and what tarot cards are most comfortable in each house.
Complete Sessions 1-4 of Astrology & Tarot - $145
Final Workshop of Astrology & Tarot - $50
This is for those interested in learning to implement Sessions 1-4. We will take personal examples to show you how we work with our charts and cards. Then, with a couple of yours. If you want your chart and cards done, please email your birth info [date, time, place] and name.
Sessions 1-4 of the Astrology & Tarot + the Final Workshop - $195
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